2J Corp. have established a standard of business ethics norms of proper behavior and value judgement based on transparency, rationality and altruism which we need to comply with in order to grow and develop as respected company in society.

We strictly distinguish one’s private life and public life in all business activities and build a relationship of co-existence and co-prosperity based on good communication and mutual trust between labor and management.
We comply with all sorts of regulations and laws on basis of ethical values and we respect market competition order and do not make any kind of dishonest transaction.
We challenge for business and strive to achieve higher goal with passion under corporate philosophy that you cannot get anything without challenge.
We clarify the goals, pursue the constant changes and innovation towards for higher value by sharing the vision and purpose. And we feel a sense of accomplishment and joy as unleash the individual’s ability.
We put our best efforts In order to supply the best products and services that customers expect in a timely manner, accommodate customers’ complaints and suggestions humbly and keep promise with customers.