2J Corp is providing a world’s best class products and services based on global standard quality.

  • Quality management system for high quality products.
  • Cutting edge production facilities
  • Production technology and know-how accumulated over 40 years.

Achieve customer satisfaction by strengthen the technology capabilities

By increasing productivity and reducing maintence cost, we are improving the quality of products and services which enable to achieve customer satisfaction.

Producing innovative products through industry convergence

We are offering “One place-multi business” as we have seperate plants for Hand Bag, Wallet and Textile bag and they share technologies that enable produce the innovative products.

Cultivating Human Resource to lead the innovation and globalization

We are trying to achieve economic growth of 2J Corp. and customers by bring the potential of human resources with the appropriate human resource development programs effectively. And we are trying to spread our firm’s philosophy to the society that the purpose of human resource development is “Sharing”.

Building leadership and company culture promoted in cooperation and communication between members

We respect individual’s personality in all business activities based on mutual trust for the employees.
Cooperation between members has been good as communication channels are always opened. We are doing our very best to provide top-notch benefits package and working environment to every employee so that they feel happy and rewarding life based on self-esteem.

Build up new market include overseas

We are equipped with efficient and effective global production systems and trying to strengthen the competitiveness in overseas markets through analysis and development.