As a leading global bag manufacturer, we create a new business world with customers.

Since its founding in Vietnam 2001, our goal was to make products that could reflect the trend of the times and cultures.

Our 40 years of experienced craftmen with their know-how and passion, we pursue to make bags that technology and art has been reflected and also to create a rich living culture of customers. We can proudly say that we have been always doing our best to acheive these goals.

One of my idealism in work is to make and provide workplace that both employees and employers are harmonized in communication and cooperation. All of 2J family’s set their vision, dream and goal. There migt be ups and downs in our journey but as we walk together with these challenges, we will support each other, hold each other and love each other, to share both happiness and sadness, we are progressing step by step together. 2J will promise to run for the top and lead this industry with passion and to be a future oriented cooperation that comply with ‘basic and principles’ but also able to humble ourselves before our customer.

Please take a closer look on us as we continue to enhance our reputation as a global leader and encourage us for this journey that we are about to embark on.

CEO Joo Hwan Jang

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